Friday, 28 July 2017


The earth has become polluted, so I am leaving earth in a life pod to look for another planet. The factories have polluted the water and I can’t swim in the ocean and i can't drink, so will die of dehydration. When i landed I saw a big ape thing so ran for my life because i do not want to get eaten
So i ran and ran until i was safe.  so i look for  water to drink now i look for food but didn't find any.
then i saw big military base so i go inside and i see food and is looks weird put it taste yum. then saw a big alien and is said grarr so a grab a weapon so i fight it. Then it ran away  now the planet.


  1. Cool story Morpheous! I enjoyed the detail you wrote about why you had to leave earth. I was really enjoying the story but... what happened at the end???

    1. i will make a part 2

      form morpheous