Friday, 26 February 2016

Duffy show

on monday we had a duffy show and it was great in 1918thar has duffy in his new home and the the neighbour was playing sogs on the riado and ruby was the neighbours name

Friday, 19 February 2016

world war 2

Write about World War 2
will remember them                                in in 1914 world war 1 was started in new zealand in 1914 and ending in 1918 The world war was a It was Mostly died  in world 1 World War 1 started it was almost biggest war in world war1 Germans in the Russian steamed up America and New Zealand teams and that was the rest of the World War 1 battle soldiers  came back to New Zealand and America Soldiers to A few weeks later World War 2 War started why would they start another world war 2 so the Germans and the Russians teamed up for World War 2 again American soldiers Dead at no into New Zealand told him But as soon as we found out they are at war World War 1 Commanders give a speech It went like this we won 1 more time we can win this the Russians and the German As soon as they went back to it was over Americans and New Zealand 1 and the Germans in Russian they lost and so is a long as you know all about World War 2 and 1 it will be ok for World War 3 is the Americans and New Zealand both win World War 3 is started because of the Americas There is a new world war and it's World War 3 it's American and PakistanI know but the Americans Pakistan Might win this time On World War 3 Pakistan reinforcements a very strong But the Americans reinforcement Are strongest I might be stronger than the American We who do you think who won Pakistan vs Americawho do you think who won Pakistan vs America

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

my mountains

 The mountains in the central North Island once fought a. great battle for the hand of Pīhanga, a mountain to the south of Tūrangi. Tribes have different versions of the story; the following is drawn from

Ngāti Tūwharetoa tradition my Mountains  .Tom Mt Wellington is tom the gods The gods challenge the mountains to have a fight The man way are 21 Mandurah battle The God. said yes And 2 months later they had .to Battle  ever won it was Mt Wellington Into James came back and ruined Mount Wellington soon as the sun rises in the place