Friday, 19 February 2016

world war 2

Write about World War 2
will remember them                                in in 1914 world war 1 was started in new zealand in 1914 and ending in 1918 The world war was a It was Mostly died  in world 1 World War 1 started it was almost biggest war in world war1 Germans in the Russian steamed up America and New Zealand teams and that was the rest of the World War 1 battle soldiers  came back to New Zealand and America Soldiers to A few weeks later World War 2 War started why would they start another world war 2 so the Germans and the Russians teamed up for World War 2 again American soldiers Dead at no into New Zealand told him But as soon as we found out they are at war World War 1 Commanders give a speech It went like this we won 1 more time we can win this the Russians and the German As soon as they went back to it was over Americans and New Zealand 1 and the Germans in Russian they lost and so is a long as you know all about World War 2 and 1 it will be ok for World War 3 is the Americans and New Zealand both win World War 3 is started because of the Americas There is a new world war and it's World War 3 it's American and PakistanI know but the Americans Pakistan Might win this time On World War 3 Pakistan reinforcements a very strong But the Americans reinforcement Are strongest I might be stronger than the American We who do you think who won Pakistan vs Americawho do you think who won Pakistan vs America

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