Monday, 19 September 2016



Technology can be considered a performance-enhancing drug because it can give an athlete more power than others. They had spikes on their Shoes. Technology in sport can be seen as performance enhancing drugs because I can give an unfair advantage to an athlete with more money and can be changed in the event.

at the Olympics


They use science and technology Engineering and Math just to make people go faster so the use  Math  science technology and Engineering and in Olympic swimming did you know that in  swimming event that they can't cover their chest  because the suit  that they are wearing that they designed to make them faster in swimming so the can get the gold medal

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When they first come into the olympics - When they first start the olympics they think of wanting to win and when they are in the olympics they get nevous and they want to take a deep breath.

Training how do the athletes win - Gatlin they use hyper speed camers to show what they have to do to make him go faster,In Swimming they have to make them not wear under armor swimming suit because it makes them go faster now.
When did the olympics started - On october 13 in 1986 the summer olympics started and that’s when the first baseball tourment happen and that’s when the winter olympics happen too.

Technology used to help athletes win - In the 1924 the winter olympics starter and all so in 1924 the summer olympics happen to and that when the first baseball tourment happen and that’s when cuba won the first golden medals.

Celebration - In all of the olympics games when people win the they go crazy like they will do a crazy dance and they will cry to but if they have kids they will hug there kids.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Writing - Narrative

On one beautiful day  there was two kids and two adult ,s  and they said what to do today and the adult,s said that we should we  go kayaking so they went to the car and drived to the creek and when they got to the creek they saw a For kayaks and they said that well let's Get into the kayaks boys but one  of the boys said  no there's a monster  the adult ,s  said that  there is no monster but the boy said yes the monster,s name is toby and  he's still haunts  this place so they went to the kayaks  and they jumped in the kayaks and they saw a big black thing and it was big foot  and a another thing and it was black they boys said tocame take us  away they Paddled far a away and a big wave hit them and they didn't know how to get home they were lost but they was People  living on this Island and There were territories on this Island they had The pirates and Maori the Maori People are  good and the pirates are not  not good And the family found out where they were They were on the Rook Island The trying to find the Kayaks but they couldn't Find it  and they  couldn't find Shelter  

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Friday, 9 September 2016

life of usain

Usain bolt  was running late for school but he forgot his lunch but he ran of to school and When he was running he was saying not going to be late  and a A coach is walking  Usain Bolt runs past him and his   papers go in the air and usain gets to school on Time and he Studies until 12 O'clock and it,s Lunch time  and he put his hand in his bag and He forgot his lunch  .
Part 2
And he see the Coach the he ran past with a yummy lunch  and the The coach offerd his   he wins the a race of the lunc