Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Writing - Narrative

On one beautiful day  there was two kids and two adult ,s  and they said what to do today and the adult,s said that we should we  go kayaking so they went to the car and drived to the creek and when they got to the creek they saw a For kayaks and they said that well let's Get into the kayaks boys but one  of the boys said  no there's a monster  the adult ,s  said that  there is no monster but the boy said yes the monster,s name is toby and  he's still haunts  this place so they went to the kayaks  and they jumped in the kayaks and they saw a big black thing and it was big foot  and a another thing and it was black they boys said tocame take us  away they Paddled far a away and a big wave hit them and they didn't know how to get home they were lost but they was People  living on this Island and There were territories on this Island they had The pirates and Maori the Maori People are  good and the pirates are not  not good And the family found out where they were They were on the Rook Island The trying to find the Kayaks but they couldn't Find it  and they  couldn't find Shelter  

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